[Review] THRU-HIKER on Die Alone Podcast

Kris McClanahan featured THRU-HIKER on episode 04 of the Die Alone Podcast. Kris gives his impressions of the game after playing three different hikes, including one that goes off-script from what’s in the book and stretches the game in a new direction.

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[Interview] THRU-HIKER on Yorkton This Week

Calvin Daniels, columnist for Yorkton This Week (Yorkton, Saskatchewan), interviewed THRU-HIKER author, Daniel M. Perez, for the column The Meeple Guild. Calvin and Daniel talk about the game, how it came to be, and Daniel’s career in games.

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As I write this, THRU-HIKER has been funded on Kickstarter and we still have 10 days to go in the campaign. Right now we’re working on reaching the first stretch goal, having the game professionally edited. You can read the full update here. I’m excited about the reception the game has had so far, and…

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