As I write this, THRU-HIKER has been funded on Kickstarter and we still have 10 days to go in the campaign. Right now we’re working on reaching the first stretch goal, having the game professionally edited. You can read the full update here. I’m excited about the reception the game has had so far, and I hope we can bring in more backers before the campaign is up.

I’ve been asked a couple of times how did the game come to be, so I figured I’d tell you why I wrote THRU-HIKER.

Back in late 2019, I started to look into solo roleplaying games as a way to indulge my hobby. At the time, I wanted to play something Star Wars-y, with a lone character having adventures in the galaxy, so I wrote the basics of a system to let me play such a game using a journaling format. After I’d done all the work, though, I shelved the game.

Last fall, I got back into hiking as a serious endeavor. It’s an activity I greatly enjoy, one that I can do by myself or with my daughters, and an excellent way to deal with the stress of being a nurse during a pandemic year. I absolutely love connecting with nature, and hiking is the perfect vehicle for that, a natural evolution of the journey I already was on to be more mindful of nature, and live a more sustainable life.

I learned about thru-hiking, the act of hiking long-distance trails, and in doing so, fell in love with the Appalachian Trail. On its way from Georgia to Maine, it cuts across Pennsylvania, just to the north of me, and dreams of thru-hiking the AT didn’t take long to bloom. Going on a 6-month hike away from my family and responsibilities isn’t something I can do right now, though, so along with watching thru-hiking YouTube videos, and reading hiking memoirs, I wondered how else I could nurture that dream. Then I remembered my shelved game.

I’m always looking for ways to blend my interests, and the idea was born to make a hiking-themed game using the system I had created for the solo space opera game. I thought about it, mulled it over, tweaked it in my head, and then I sat down to write; three weeks later, I had a finished game, THRU-HIKER.

That’s why I wrote THRU-HIKER, because I needed a game to help me daydream of thru-hiking, and because I knew I wasn’t the only one.

Find THRU-HIKER on Kickstarter and back it today!

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